To do list goes visual

All your tasks are right before your eyes. You can quickly scan what is in your agenda for the day.


Clear interface

Creating and categorizing tasks is easy. Filter categories to focus on what's actual right now.

Use the filter panel in the up right corner to hide your work to-do list, and see what’s on for the weekend. Go see your friends, watch a movie and finish the book in the evening!

Visualisation & Gamification

Treat your tasks like a game.

Write down your to-do list, play with colorful bubbles, prioritize them by changing the size, get things done and see your bubbles slide into the funnel. Planning has never been so easy and fun! If you need to look back at the past, just see the completed tasks list.


Get push notifications to never miss anything that matters.

If some task is not actual right now, just postpone it. It will be hidden from the funnel.Create reminders for the tasks, and in due time the app will send you a push notification about the upcoming task.

How to stop
worrying and never
forget a thing

At To Round, we aim to solve the eternal problem of forgetting things.

We have created To Round for visual thinkers - most of us don’t always remember the things we hear, but the things we see.

We show your to-do list as a funnel with bubbles, so that you can clearly see how many things are there to do and how important they are.

We are a highly skilled team of experts, united by a passion for fighting the beast of procrastination. What is more, some of us are already working in a team for more than five years, and we have launched a bunch of impressive IT projects.

Join us and manage your tasks effortlessly!

Amazing and unique app showing the principle 'all genius is easy'. It is really easy way to manage private tasks and don't even think about a bullshit like evernote, wunderlist etc.
Alex313r, on App Store
User friendly app This app helps in reminding your tasks in priority basis and is user friendly. I love the bubbles and their colors.
Konanki Raju, on Google Play
Loved it Love the idea love the app and my tasks too now
Ayushman Muduli, on Google Play
I really like the whole approach of it. Will definitely try it soon!
Sona Cali, on ProductHunt
That's an awesome app, the visuals are really simple and effective, but I feel that to mark a task as done could be more dynamic, like just force swiping down the balls through the hole.
Elton John Sander, on Google Play
Love this app Amazing app and easy to use
Matthew Zerby, on Google Play
are you crazy? why free? sell it. and add soundfx themes as inapp. and aldo color theme inapp. I would like to buy. awesome idea.
KTurkay, on App Store
Started using it to organize my task. Love that it's free)
Vassilych/5, on App Store
Gorgeous and useful. So exciting to use this app which makes it exciting to get things done!!
vending75, on App Store
Its a solution for procastinators in a better way...design & clean work +1
Gaurav Singh, on ProductHunt
This app has a cool new way of organizing and scheduling task creatively
JoshSmith718, on App Store
Been using this as a way to jot down random thoughts of things I want to do, rather than things I need to do. Good for less serious tasks that I wouldn't put in my todo list. Until it comes out with reminders and more typical features, I'll be continuing to use it as a secondary app. Thanks!!
PCBlanco, on App Store
Clever idea! And I like when complaints posted in the Play store are responded to by the developer -- that's something I look for when considering an app.
Zefareu Privatis, on ProductHunt
I've been using this app for a few days and I'm finding it to be effective. It's a good visual of what matters and easy to use.
Yippydad, on App Store
Great idea and execution. Just from looking at your screenshot I felt more inclined to buy milk than ever before.
Tim Von Janssen, on ProductHunt
Great!!! I am giving 5 stars my phone does not have any magnetic sensor. But there is that bubble level effect. This one thing is enough.
Mohammed Jawad, on Google Play
I think this app may be a good lever to fight against procrastination. The big bubbles are kind of anoying, that I can't handle to keep them on screen. Suggestion: "popping" the bubbles must be so delightful when we finaly achieve to get rid of them :D
Johan, on ProductHunt
Love this App, very mind designed and for more Free, the perfect match ! Good Work +1
oty, on ProductHunt
Thank you for making this app so fun to use!!! Ive been searching for an app that works for me and this one went beyond my expectations. I would love if it were integrated with Google Calendar! Sincere thanks. -L
LeslieAva, on App Store
Great UI/UX. Love this app. Add integration with existing task manager.
Vishal Patel, on ProductHunt
Really awesome app! Help us out with quick planning!
LearningSpaces, on ProductHunt
un to create and complete tasks!! -One of a kind-
Penguinmiester, on App Store
really love visual tools like this that put a fun spin on a mundane activity... great design - great app!
Sam Doshi, on ProductHunt

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