Your tasks are
shown as color bubbles.
To not forget a thing!
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Go shopping
Buy some milk, bread, cottage cheese, ice cream
Ball size
Postponed task
Add a ball with the task
Go in for
Buy concert
the shelf
the presentation
the trip
Water the flowers
Buy some milk
Go shopping
Buy some milk
Book an appointment with the dentist
Call Vasya
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To Round is a task manager
showing your tasks as bubbles
in a funnel

All your tasks are right before your eyes!

You can quickly scan
what is in your agenda for the day.

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Making a to-do list was never easier!

Write down what needs to be done and a new bubble
with the task will appear in the funnel.

All tasks are on your radar –
nothing will slip your mind!

Add various color tags for different task categories and
change the size of bubbles according to their priority

With our popup and email notifications you will not forget a thing!

You will not forget a thing – To Round will remind you
about an important task right in time!
Add the To Round Telegram Bot
and manage your tasks without leaving the Telegram app

User feedback

To Round on the
from Eston88
A simple and interesting app. I like that everything is very intuitive in its design.
I liked the app
from Elenas888
Cool bubbles that you can use to create a to-do list. I like that in this app you can configure your own themes.
To Round on
Harshita Ghosh
Great! Looks too good, very creative idea. Would love to see widgets in future update.
Vasya Petrov
A useful app. It’s an interesting idea for a task manager. I use it regularly.
Aleksey LimiT
This app is the best in its minimalistic design!

About To Round

How to stop worrying and never forget anything :-)

With our project we want to help those who constantly forget important things to be done.

We have created To Round for you, visuals, because you are a third of humanity across the globe.

We show your to-do list as bubbles in a funnel, so that you could clearly see how many things are there to do and how important they are.

We are a highly talented team of experts, moreover, some of us have been working together for over five years already, and we had run many successful IT projects together.

Join us and manage your tasks effortlessly!

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